Severance Case Review

The Law Offices of Jason Stern offers a variety of services to meet your legal needs, from severance agreement review to employment litigation. Check out our services below to help you meet your goals.

Sex discrimination and pregnancy discrimination are real.
Sex and pregnancy discrimination happen every day to thousands of women. Don’t settle for being a victim. The Law Offices of Jason Stern will fight for you.


The Law Offices of Jason Stern offers free fifteen minute telephone consultations. This does not include document review.

Letter to Employer

Sometimes a client doesn’t want to involve an attorney and sometimes that’s the right call. For those occasions, we will draft a letter for. you to send to your company.

Severance Negotiations

We actively manage the process of negotiating maximum severance benefits including cash compensation in addition to health and retirement benefits. 


When efforts to reach a mutually amicable resolution fail, litigation is a last resort, but one we are prepared for. Let’s talk about how we can be successful together.